NFL Week 11 – A good start to the week got away from us a little in the later games, still batting around .500



Seattle +2 @ Kansas City – Chiefs have a good record but can they really beat the better teams?

Denver -9.5 vs St Louis – This could get real ugly, real fast

Detroit +2 @ Arizona – The Cards lose Carson Palmer, will be a tough ask from here

New England +3 @ Indianapolis – Really like the Pats to keep it going, a big test for the Colts



Atlanta -1 @ Carolina – We are buying into Atlanta at the moment, if nothing more than the fact the Panthers are that bad

Minnesota +3 @ Chicago – We’ve seen nothing to suggest Chicago should be giving points to anyone right now

Oakland +10.5 @ San Diego – This will either be a Chargers win by 40 or a close game, especially if last time these two met is anything to go by

Pittsburgh -6 @ Tennessee – The Steelers haven’t played well against weaker teams so far this year, expect that to change before their week 12 bye



Miami -5 vs Buffalo – The Bills have been competitive all year but last week’s tough home loss coupled by a short turnaround could see another blow out for Thursday night

New Orleans -7 vs Cincinnati – Bengals on a slippery slope, Saints need this after last week’s OT loss at home

Tampa Bay +7.5 @ Washington – The Bucs weren’t so great last week but we will give them another shot at least of keeping it close

Philadelphia +6 @ Green Bay – Good line for the in-form Eagles



Cleveland -3 vs Houston – Not sold on the Browns yet but also not sold on Ryan Mallett

NY Giants +4 vs San Francisco – We loved the Niners at the start of the year but in-season developments have soured things a lot, should win but will be tight


Summary – 3 of the last 4 weeks have been poor by our usual standards at this time of year. Now the aim is to get over .667 for the remainder of the season


Best Bets (10-14) Total (69-76-3)